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An invitation to our upcoming classes in art, meditation and creativity:


All classes will be mixed media explorations including visual journaling exercises
as well as drawing, painting, and collage.

Give yourself a day of creative abandon! Unleash your potential!
Beginners welcome!

Please register for classes BELOW:

Friday September 23 • 6 - 8 pm & Saturday September 2410 am - 6 pm
INNER WILD IMMERSION for Women in collaboration with Jennifer Pennell
This amazing weekend immersion was a huge success in April so we are offering it again! Take a deep dive into
your creative reservoirs and (re)discover your inner wild through art, personal transformation and playful exploration.
It will be all about finding a new sense of wildness, those parts of you that are untamed, pristine, authentic and full
of vitality. Explore your inner wild through a series of activities designed to take you up to and beyond your perceived
limits. Be ready to engage your voice, your body and your creative force!

See www.shinelevity.com for more information about Jennifer.
See www.inner-wild.com for registration and details.
Register by September 1 for an earlybird offer
OR you can also register below.

Saturday October 810 am - 4 pm
We will be layering different materials including gesso and beeswax and translucent papers in collage to create
unique combinations of image and text. Integrating techniques of stenciling and image transfer also offer a rich
way to add in visual elements of content and meaning.
The physical act of layering brings a metaphorical component
where you can literally bury certain words, maps, memories or secrets, excavate the essential or find a balance
between seen and unseen.

Saturday December 10 10 am - 4 pm
INSPIRATION Round 2: delving deeper with source material

Research is an essential part of the creative process.This class will take a deeper cut on the idea of working with
source material. Once you have gathered stuff that
inspires you, what do you do with it? How can it inform your
work in terms of concept and/or aesthetic?
We will look at myriad ways that artists work with source materials.
The focus will be on choosing some of your own materials and developing a direction for your own inquiry.
Be prepared to push a little.

Each class weaves meditation and creative arts practices in an exploration of transformation.
Inspired by different themes and materials, we will delve into the creative depths.
These classes are about self-discovery and change.
Classes focus on the creation of unique projects that emphasize process over product.
Sometimes we will work in visual journals, combining self-reflective writing,
collage and mixed media experiments. Other times we will work on larger scale pieces.
Each class introduces a different set of themes, imagery, art historical references and materials.

There will be a balance of structure and open-ended creative freedom.
Please bring your own book to be your container for the creative process.
This could be a blank sketchbook or one you've already been working in
or you could choose a existing book, perhaps a large book of photographs
or a small book of poems or an old cookbook or an atlas of maps.
Through a series of guided activities you will transmute your book into a unique map of your journey
which you may continue on your own.

Some art materials included. You are welcome to also bring your own.

Questions, please contact Kate Randall 415.225.5762 / redredthread@gmail.com
Please register for classes HERE:

Fall 2016 Classes

Kate is a creative catalyst, visual artist, yogi and teacher. Her passion lies in assisting people
in exceeding their wildest dreams about their own creativity.

Classes take place at her beautiful studio in San Francisco.

See photos from previous classes.

See Kate's artwork at www.katerandall.com.

Testimonials from previous classes:
Being in your studio gave me the specific type of energy necessary to let my analytical brain step aside, to leave behind
quotidien concerns, and really create from an intuitive and centered place. I don't feel I've been able to access that mindset
for years, so it was truly a gift! In a short amount of time, Kate led us through a myriad of fruitful explorations. My creative
practice forged new shapes and found new crevices thanks to this day
. - SG

Honestly. All of it was so fun for me. But most specifically, giving a little bit of direction, and helping me to break through
the initial and consuming state of overwhelm was essential. It's a place that is so familiar: I want to make things, but I don't
know what or how. And often, what comes out of me, I don't like.  So being given the seeds was perfect for me: try blowing,
try this then this. Or that and this. Stop there. Start something new. Play with this. It has made me take a little pause today,
considering the dynamic nature of what it really means to support a process, that as a guide/midwife/teacher, we want to
support others in turning toward themselves for their own best guidance. And. Sometimes to discover that, what they really
need is just to get pointed a way.  So thank you for doing that with such ease. -KM

I enjoyed that I did not know the answers. As someone who struggles with self imposed high performance expectations,
I found the removal of evaluative language and the open-ness of the atmosphere to be liberating. I feel I generally know how
to "make art," but at the same time that can be so far from the creative process - so I appreciated having the chance to not
make art, with art supplies. I also enjoyed being with different types of creative people and exchanging ideas and process
with them. Kate led us in investigations designed to unlock and expand the creative voice that exists in all human beings.
We worked through a variety of media and from many perspectives in the blend of art making, meditation, self discovery
and open discussion. The techniques we learned are tools that easily transfer across modalities. Small group size and a
relaxed, open atmosphere in Kate's beautiful, sunlit studio made the workshop as enjoyable as it was challenging.

Kate is a beautiful artist, teacher, and spirit.  She's respectful of your unfolding process, but gives direction and
shares ideas with ease, which really helped to navigate the sticky places and the overwhelm.  She's a lovely guide,
creating a fluid space to do some deep exploration, wrapped up in sweetness and some fun.  My creativity was
feeling really stuck and class was just the thing to reinspire. -KM

You create a very safe environment in which to work.  From the moment I walked in the door I knew the day would go well. 
You are very open and receptive both as a person and in your process of teaching, a primary reason why the space felt so safe.
And, the space itself bespeaks that of an artist which gives another kind of confidence. By nature you seem very easy in going
with the flow of what is in the room.  You are a wonderful teacher: full of ideas, have tons of techniques to share, supportive to
each person as they go through their process of making art, non judgmental.
- AF

It was a beautiful workshop and doing the journal form of artwork was a wanting that I did not even know I had. The cool
thing about this style of artistic exploration, which I love in writing too, is that it emerges from inside organically.
And the creator can be very surprised not even knowing where it came from. So magical. -SK

As someone who hadn’t done anything artistic in almost 3 whole years, I was hesitant to go to a full day, 8 hour long
art workshop.  But the part I didn’t realize is that it was a lot more than just a day of making art – it was a day of learning,
thinking, and self-reflection that made it completely irrelevant that my artistic skills were out of practice.  The space /
environment made it almost effortless to get back into the groove of creating, and inspired me to want to continue making time
for art in my life. CK

Kate facilitated a space in which I felt safe to feel vulnerable and express my feelings of not being artistic enough.  I felt
intimidated to come to a class in which I had no idea of what to expect, and yet when I arrived I felt held and supported
to just be myself and to try something different.  I want to continue to take classes with Kate because she truly was a wonderful
guide and an incredibly gifted teacher.  I felt inspired during the class and it continued throughout the next few days.  -CY